Ten tips to organize holidays on your PC

Organize summer holidaysComputers are the daily working tool for many of us. They’re also found in banks, shops, airports, hospitals, just about anywhere. So why not use them to plan your holidays? It’s very easy and will probably save you time and money. Here are some tips that can help you organize the best summer holiday of your life.

  • Check dates for your trip. You can do it either in Windows standard calendar or using any of the calendar tools available on Softonic.
  • Make a to-do list with any simple to-do tool or even on an online application that you can check from anywhere.
  • Book plane tickets online. All major companies have developed websites where you can check prices and buy tickets, usually with special web fares.
  • Rent a car on the web. Many renting services also allow online booking now. You can choose your car and print out the renting contract right from your home.
  • Plan your route. If you’re travelling by car it’s always a good idea to arrange road routes. Two good tools to plan road routes are ViaMichelin and Mappy.
  • Email the embassy. Are you travelling abroad? Ask the embassy for information. They’re usually very kind and will send you a bunch of maps, guides and leaflets for free.
  • Find information about your destination. Apart from embassies, there are other tools like the Schmap guides which you can use to obtain useful tips about your destination.
  • See reviews about hotels. Trivop and TVtrip are two online services that include photos and video reviews from many hotels around the world.
  • Check weather conditions before leaving: you may have to include a raincoat in your suitcase! There are many weather apps available on Softonic.
  • When you’re back, don’t forget to share your pictures with everybody! Use the Flickr photo sharing service or create a web gallery with Picasa and its web albums.
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