Ten web resources to help you go online

web-resources.gifWhen online applications didn’t exist yet and nobody talked about Web 2.0, you had only one way to create your own online presence. This method involved actually coding the webpage (usually in an HTML editor), optimizing some photos to spice it up (with the help of an image editor) and finally publishing it to the Internet by means of an FTP client.

Now the whole process is far simpler. There are many web resources which enable you to have your own personal webpage or blog online in just a few minutes and without the need of any technical knowledge. Have a look at this list and pick up the one you like best: either if you’d like to have a complete multimedia site or if all you need is a microblog to jot a few phrases down, these ten web resources will help you to go online in no time.

  1. Blogger – probably the easiest and most popular blog service
  2. WordPress – another powerful and easy tool to start blogging
  3. Twitter – the trendiest tool these days: just tell the world what you’re doing
  4. Jaiku – another miniblog tool for those of few words
  5. Nowthen – capture your life as it’s happening with your camera phone
  6. Tumblr – tumblelogs: blogs made easy
  7. Scrapblog – create stunning multimedia scrapblogs
  8. Jimdo – design your personal webpage, fun and easy
  9. Kyte – create and broadcast your own live TV shows
  10. Zude – express yourself on the web with a multimedia website
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