Tesla to show off new self-driving technology


Tesla is a company that most people associate with being able to give us a taste of futuristic automobile technology, and they’re going to be demonstrating the newest in production later this month.

Two years ago, Elon Musk first confirmed that Tesla was creating its own AI chip for self-driving technology. This chip will be included in the new Autopilot Hardware 3.0 upgrade and will enable vehicles to be fully self-driving. It was said that production on this upgrade would begin at the end of this year’s first quarter, and it looks like that’s been confirmed, according to Electrek:

“Tesla is making significant progress in the development of its autonomous driving software and hardware, including our FSD computer, which is currently in production and which will enable full-self driving via future over-the-air software updates.”

Since this software was previously expected to be available for the Autopilot hardware’s 2.0 and 2.5 versions, Elon Musk said on Twitter that if the customers purchased the full self-driving software package, their vehicles will be retrofitted, but only when the software and hardware are fully compatible.

With all the hype around cars that will actually be able to drive themselves, Tesla’s putting their money where their mouth is and is giving everyone a preview of the functions of the software on April 19:

“With a number of very exciting developments coming in the weeks and months ahead, Tesla will host investors on the morning of April 19th at our headquarters in Palo Alto to provide a deep dive into our self-driving technology and roadmap. Investors will be able to take test-drives to experience our Autopilot software first-hand, including features and functionality that are currently under development.”

Although investors will be the only ones able to test drive, the demonstration will be webcast.

Do you think this will actually come to pass, or will we have to wait for a little more tech tweaking? How do you feel about cars that will be able to drive themselves?

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