Test the latest Chrome for Mac with Canary

Test the latest Chrome for Mac with Canary

If you’re one of the many converts to the Google Chrome browser on Mac, then you can now stay ahead of the very latest developments with Google Chrome Canary which has just been released for OS X. Google Chrome Canary is effectively the Alpha version of Google’s browser and is the testing ground for most of the features that eventually appear in the Google Chrome Stable, Google Chrome Beta and Google Chrome Developer versions.

If you’re a bit confused by the increasing number of builds of Chrome, here is a brief lowdown…

The stable build is the latest official version of Chrome. The Chrome beta build is is slightly newer than the stable version of Chrome and is intended for testing by everyone. The developer build is intended for users with software testing or programing experience and finally the Canary build is the least tested of them all and automatically created from the parent Chromium project.

The good news is, when you install Google Chrome Canary, it won’t overwrite any other version of Chrome you’ve got installed, so you can test it to your heart’s content while running your regular Chrome browser. However, since it’s completely untested and designed for those that want to help Google develop the next version of Chrome, you’ll find it very unstable and unreliable at times. Oh, and be warned that it will send anonymous usage stats back to Google for development purposes.

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