Test the pre-release of Minecraft 1.6.2

Test the pre-release of Minecraft 1.6.2

Only a week after the official release of The Horse Update, you can already download the pre-release of Minecraft 1.6.2. It’s less radical, addressing bugs and issues that appeared with version 1.6.1.

The biggest fixes and changes are:

  • Fixed horses starting to suffocate when touching walls
  • Fixed animals escaping their pens
  • Improved sprinting behavior
  • On Mac, holding Ctrl while left-clicking now counts as a right-click
  • Custom fonts look better

Check developer Mojang’s blog for a full list of changes. If you try the pre-release, you can report any problems you find to the Minecraft Bug Tracker, which will help Mojang improve the game.

Version 1.6.1, better known as the Horse Update, was the most popular and radical update to Minecraft since the introduction of alternate dimention ‘The Nether’. It’s surprising, but bringing horses to the sandbox game seems to be one of the most popular moves ever.

Have you had problems with suffocating horses in Minecraft 1.6.1?

[Source: Mojang]

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