Thanksgiving 2009: are you ready for the big day?

Thanksgiving 2009: are you ready for the big day?

thanks1.pngWell, Thanksgiving is creeping closer, which means that you’re running out of time. Got the turkey trussed, the corn cobbed and the pumpkins pied? The lists made, the jobs delegated and the timing perfect? No? Didn’t think so. Let OnSoftware come to the rescue with some of the most useful tools this Thanksgiving season. Don’t worry if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving (or if it was last month) – this is great stuff for any celebration, whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah or Eid.

Your first challenge is to decide on the big meal. No need to be too creative – people like the old favorites at times like this – but it’s still nice to put a new twist on something traditional. Apart from literally thousands of online recipes, there are also some nice desktop apps that mean you won’t even need internet access, helpful if you’ve all escaped to a cabin in the woods. Recipe Cookbook is one – this app will give you hundreds of (sometimes wacky!) ideas, as well as covering the basics.

Now you know what you’re eating, it’s time to write the shopping list. Make sure you don’t arrive home from the market with everything BUT the turkey by enlisting some technological help. Speedy Shopper should be first in line. Grocery List Generator, meanwhile, integrates with Firefox, a really handy way of creating lists as you browse recipes online.


Now that the food’s planned and bought, there’s a whole bunch of jobs to get done. Make sure nothing gets forgotten and everyone pulls their weight by running the tightest ship around. As everyone knows, organization is the key to success, so download a great planner to make sure everything goes goes like clockwork. As ever, we have the perfect Firefox add-on, ReminderFox, but if you’s prefer something offline, we can help with that too. Just take a look at the this selection and you’re sure to find one that suits – Golden Rules is my personal favorite.

After all that organizing, planning, shopping and cooking, it will probably be high time for the last essential – a cocktail. Ok, the Pilgrims may have raised an eyebrow, but things have come a long way since 1621 and after all that work, a toast to the Mayflower is very much in order! With a store of over 11,000 drinks – both alcoholic and non – CollegeBAR is sure to provide inspiration. Thanksgiving Special, anyone?!

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