The 5 Best Alternatives to, the webpage that converted YouTube videos into MP3 audio files is dead. Fear not though as this doesn’t mean that you can’t still extract the music and voices from your favorite videos to listen to whenever you want. The Internet has continued to give us plenty of alternative options that 100% trustworthy and free.

Let’s then have a look at 5 perfect alternatives to In the list we’ll find 2 webpages, 1 PC program and 2 apps. There options available for everyone!

5 tools for converting YouTube videos to MP3 (and other formats of audio and video)

Online Video Converter (webpage)

This webpage is very similar to Simply paste the link of the YouTube video into the dialog box and click “Start”. The major benefit of this webpage is that it lets you export to different formats, not just MP3. You can export to all sorts of different audio formats (aac, wav etc.) and different video formats too (MP4, mov, avi etc.)

Furthermore, Online Video Converter doesn’t only support YouTube videos. You can get videos from pretty much any site on the internet and even from social networks like Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram and Daily Motion.


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Convert2mp3 (webpage)

A converter with options that are very similar to the options available on Online Video Converter but with one advantage. You don’t need to first go to YouTube to find the video that you’re looking for as it has an internal search function. Use it to find what you need and then convert it directly in the program.

The only thing is that Convert2mp3 only converts YouTube, Dailymotion or Clipfish videos.


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Freemake Video Converter (Windows)

A different type of tool to those we’ve gone through above, Freemake Video Converter isn’t a page you find on the web but a program for your PC. You might feel too lazy to actually install a program but keep in mind that Freemake is an all-in-one solution that convert videos from hundreds of formats, not just YouTube.

Also, you can then burn the files directly or share them with others, listen to them or even repost to the YouTube. It is a free option that offers users some real options.


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Video to MP3 (Android)

This is a great option if you want to convert YouTube videos to MP3 directly from your Android phone. The app doesn’t just allow you to extract the audio from the from the videos, it also gives you the option to edit and cut so that you only get the bits you want and even add MP3 tracks over the top.


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Video to MP3 Converter (iOS)

If you’re an iOS user then an Android app won’t do you much good. For iOS users there is the excellent Video to MP3 Converter app, which allows users to take YouTube videos and convert them into a whole host of formats right there on their phones.

Even better, the app allows you to take the audio from the video that you can then take with you everywhere and play over the excellent in app music player.


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And if you want more…

The options we’ve highlighted here are some of the favorite options that our Softonic Solutions community have found. Click here to see the complete list and join the conversation. The Softonic Solutions community is dedicated to finding solutions to any problems that you may have.

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