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The 5 best YouTube tech channels

The 5 best YouTube tech channels
Chris Roper

Chris Roper

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YouTube is one of the best sources of high quality, independent reviews and opinion on the latest tech trends. Whether it’s a 3-minute unboxing of a new smartphone, or an hour-long review of a gaming chair, you’ll find all the detail you need at a time that suits you. 

An easy way to stay up-to-date is to subscribe to YouTube tech channels. As these are a mix of professional and amateur videographers, the quality of the videos and content does vary a bit. So, in an effort to separate the great from the not-so-great, we’d like to recommend our favorite Youtube technology channels for you to enjoy.


Run by the charismatic Marques Brownlee, this channel is famous for both the quality of its reviews, and for the videos themselves. 

MKBHD mainly focuses on phone and desktop reviews, but he also fights for the social good by exposing things like the truth about Beats by Dre headphones, and the five most overpriced pieces of tech.

Marques’ technique is very professional, with great camera work and super-slick editing. Plus, you never leave one of his videos without having learned something new – the hallmark of a great channel.

2. Unbox Therapy

Ah, life’s simple pleasures. Warm spring days, birds singing in the trees, and peeling screen protectors off your new phone. This channel, as the name suggests, is related to the unboxing and unpacking of brand new consumer electronics, and the first impressions of these shiny new toys.

Again, the camera work is fantastic, the host is charismatic, and there’s always something interesting to watch, like unboxing the most expensive mechanical keyboard in the world.

3. Android Authority

If you’re looking to know everything, and we mean everything, about Google’s mobile operating system, this is the channel for you. They don’t call themselves the authority for nothing.

The channel has a review of just about every Android phone ever, plus a plethora of other useful and interesting videos such as how to install a tablet in your car, visits to Android factories, and a huge number of panic-inducing drop tests.

4. Austin Evans

This channel has a bit of everything: best / worst lists, unboxing, talks about Bitcoin and tech in general, and a huge number of reviews including various phones, tablets, laptops, and even cars. 

Where this channel really shines is the sheer depth of information Austin gives on building your own Gaming PCs. Ranaging from the super budget ($50), through to mid-range ($750), and right up to the ultra-high end ($4,000).

Austin seems like a good guy, and his hair is always perfect. Oh, and he tried a $700 vacuum cleaner once so… there’s that.

5. Softonic

Well, no list would be complete without a bit of self-glorification, would it? Our own channel covers a whole host of the best and most useful information we have on our website, but in easy-to-digest video form. We review the latest apps, provide advice and tutorials, and answer such burning questions as “How can I kill Pou?

That completes our round-up of the best YouTube tech channels. Subscribe to them all and you’ll always have something fun and interesting to watch!

Chris Roper

Chris Roper

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