The 6 Best apps for Foodies

Patrick Devaney


Being a foodie is like having a life-long dedication to the culinary world. You can’t simply confine yourself to taking pictures of your foods; you must learn to share them as well. Here are 6 best apps that you should have on your smartphone if you are a true foodie!

6 Best Foodie Apps

1. Tender (iOS)

Tender helps people discover food and get excited about cooking. The app curates photos of food from all across the world and then shares it among its users. This means people can then make their own food in the future. There are several filter options like vegan, vegetarian, dessert and drinks to make things easier for foodies.

The 6 Best apps for Foodies

Best foodie apps tender

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2. Roaming Hunger (iOS)

If you are in love with food trucks then this app is right for you. Roaming Hunger helps you to locate nearby food trucks. You can also see the menus and photos of foods before trying them. At present, the app tracks more than 8000 food truck vendors across Canada and the US.

Best foodie apps roaming hunger

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3. Foodspotting (iOS)

Isn’t it nice to see your food before actually placing the order? Foodspotting provides such a platform for its users and takes food porn to the next level. Foodies can share their meals with friends around the world. Users can also recommend dishes.

Best foodie apps Foodspotting-mobile-app

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4. NoWait

Foodies are very impatient while sitting in a restaurant and waiting for the food to deliver. NoWait eliminates that struggle for you and put you on restaurant’s waitlist irrespective of your location. You can see current wait times for nearby restaurants—it’s something like waiting in line virtually.

Best foodie apps nowait

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5. ChefsFeed (iOS)

This app provides you restaurant recommendations based on the reviews made by the chefs. These reviews are made by top chefs from around the world and are very precise in nature. At present, ChefsFeed recommends dishes that are reviewed by chefs across the US, UK and Canada.

Best foodie apps ChefsFeed-Screenshot

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6. Deliciously Ella (iOS)

This is an app dedicated to vegan foodies. The app provides you around 200 healthy recipes that are gluten free, sugar-free and plant-based. The list of recipes is ever increasing. You will also get Paleo diet and dairy-free recipes in Deliciously Ella.

Best foodie apps Ella

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