The 9 best-kept secrets for your favorite programs

The 9 best-kept secrets for your favorite programs

It’s a pretty weird feeling when you realize that those apps, websites and programs you find yourself using on a daily basis, have so many hidden secrets that not even the experts know about. We thought we should expose a few, just for your entertainment!

1) The hidden game on Android

Is your cellphone running Android Lollipop? If so, you’re going to love this!

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to About Device > Software Info
  3. Tap where it says the Android version a couple of times

And there you have it! Your very own Android-related version of the world famous Flappy Bird! Play till you drop!


This trick doesn’t just work on Android Lollipop: each version of Android has its own Easter Egg. Try the same trick with your version and see what comes up!

2) The mysterious texts of Microsoft Word

While in a blank document in Microsoft Word, type in =rand(4,4) and hit Enter. Four random, but meaningful paragraphs will appear. Why not try experiments with the number and see what else comes up!


So does this trick have any point? Well, it could give you an idea of what Word is thinking (maybe not), but it can also be useful if you need to fill something in quickly with random text (for example if you need a quick text for a design that you want to view visually and you’re tired of using the classic Lorem Ipsum.

3) Firefox’s “informative” message

Firefox has a very useful command that you didn’t know about. If  you type “About:” followed by a technical word, the browser will provide you information on the topic. For example, it’s useful if you need to find out which plugins you have installed on the program. But it doesn’t stop there, try typing “About: robots”. Do you think they come in peace, or are seeking war?

mozilla robots

Firefox has many more riddles to it, and if you take a little time to search for them, you’re sure to find them!

4) Without internet connection? And what?

Sometimes, Google Chrome has problems, and is unable to connect to the internet. But you shouldn’t see that as a problem – as it unlocks an awesome game! If you put any address in the navigation bar and you’re not connected to the internet, a little dinosaur appears.

No, it’s not just for decoration – it’s actually a mini game where you control the little T-Rex. Simply press the space bar to get the dinosaur to jump over the cacti to achieve the highest score possible!


If your internet connection is not a problem for you but you want to try the game, simply disconnect your Wi-Wi as do as instructed above!

5) Find the Tardis on Google Maps

Are you a Doctor Who fan? If so, you’re going to go crazy for this secret! Just click on this link which will take you to Earl’s Court underground station in London – and you’re bound to see a phone booth that looks strangely familiar. Once you find it and get close to hit, hit the up arrow on your keyboard – we don’t want to spoil the surprise for you!


6) Am I using Google Earth or Flight Simulator?

How about using Google Earth as a flight simulator? Just do the following:

  1. Run the program on your PC
  2. Type Ctrl + Alt + A (or Cmd + Opt + A if you’re using Mac)
  3. The flight simulation game will open!

You can find full instructions how to use the game right here.


7) Facebook’s secret chat

Some of us only use Facebook these days for chatting. On the mobile, no problem, however on the deskptop site, it’s just one big mess. Cluttered with adverts and options that you really don’t need in your life right now. The answer to this issue? : the cleanest, and purest form of Messenger chat! Enjoy chatting to your friend in complete peace!


8) The secrets of Facebook Messenger don’t end there!

Facebook Messenger has a lot of hidden tricks and secrets you didn’t know about. Luckily for you, we’ve dedicated a whole article to them so you can impress your friends! Check it out here.


9) Loads of Google tricks!

We’ve been mentioning features for quite a long time now, and you must be amazed that we haven’t yet mentioned Google. Google has SO MANY hidden secrets that we’ve have also written a separate article to share them with you! Click here to discover 5 geeky secrets for Google that will change the way you search forever!


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