The best Android games to get involved in a story

The best Android games to get involved in a story

In our The best Android games to… series, we go through the best Android games to play for any given time or place. If you thought that exciting mysteries and adventures are limited to PC and consoles, this week, we’ll prove you wrong by going through some Android games that offers some amazing storylines.

When you think of games for mobile devices, the first ones that probably comes to mind are simple games where gameplay comes first and story later, if at all. But, lucky us, there are plenty of games with plots that invite us to continue playing, solve a mystery, or even move us emotionally, all in the Google Play Store.

The Last Express: feel like a character from Agatha Christie

One of the graphic adventures I love from LucasArts’ post-golden age is The Last Express. Although it was originally developed for PC, some time ago it was nicely adapted for Android, a true-to-the-original version that’s touchpad friendly.

As if we stepped in to an Agatha Christie novel, in The Last Express we become involved in a storyline with mysteries and murders. Meet and interrogate suspects, explore the legendary Orient Express and, even, fall in love. A surprising ending and a story that engages you, you won’t be able to stop until you’ve discovered all the mysteries.

Download The Last Express

The Last Express

Out There: a dark space adventure

2001, Solaris, Alien or, more recently, Gravity. There are many movies that have captured the fear, loneliness and trauma felt by space travelers, feelings nicely replicated in Out There, an Android game that might seem like a simple spaceship game, but is actually much more.

And although the gameplay of Out There is all about carrying out missions aboard a ship, visiting planets or running into into aliens, something we’ve seen before, it goes a step ahead. The storyline is pretty complex, seeing you choose from 300 decisions that will take you to three different endings.

Download Out There

Out There

The Walking Dead Season One: a moving zombie apocalypse

There are very few games that will move you as much as this adaptation of The Walking Dead. After its successful version for PC and consoles, Telltale’s game is now available for tablets. Since this is a thinking game, rather than an action game, you’ll be able to play it easily on a touchscreen.

Set in a zombie apocalypse, The Walking Dead shows the humanity behind the tragedy, as you become one of the survivors, along with a sweet girl who’s been orphaned. Every decision you make will be painful, but the experience will be worth it.

Download The Walking Dead: Season One

The Walking Dead: Season One

Dark Meadow: The Pact: live the fear

There are many horror games on Google Play, but most of them focus on the gameplay, rather than the plot and element of surprise. That’s not the case with Dark Meadow, a great FPS that takes you to a house filled with mysteries, strange creatures, unexplained dangers, and some heart stopping graphics.

Sure, Dark Meadow has action and puzzles, but also a story that will constantly surprise you with its plot twists and dialogs, rarely seen in a game for smartphones and tablets.

Download Dark Meadow: The Pact

Dark Meadow: The Pact

The Room: puzzles and fascinating mysteries

The Room is more than a classic puzzle game for mobile phones. Although its gameplay is all about solving original puzzles, they are wrapped up in a mystery that will encourage you to carry on playing.

So, The Room proves that in the puzzles genre you don’t need bright colors to make an impression or asking for help from your Facebook friends to progress: everything is an experience between you, the game and your mobile.

Download The Room

The Room

Who said that mobile games are basic?

With the recent popularity of casual and short games, it might seem like that’s all Android has to offer. But, as you can see, that’s not the case, and Google Play offers many alternatives aimed at a mature audience that demand more than just pressing some buttons.

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