The best Android games to relax

The best Android games to relax

In our The best Android games to… series, we go through the best Android games to play for any given time or place. This week, we continue with our quest for the greatest Android games, this week bringing the most relaxing games we could find on Google Play.

The 5 games we’ve picked are open invitations to kick back and relax. These little oasis of Zen are perfect for de-stressing between meetings or relaxing after a long day of work. Sit down and chill out; you’re in good hands.

KAMI: For origami fans


KAMI is a relaxing puzzle game where you have to fill the screen with colored folded paper within a predetermined number of moves. The early levels are pretty easy to master, but later ones will still stretch your brains with a carefully chosen dose of difficulty.

KAMI is super-relaxing, with Asian-inspired music and a visual style that takes its cue from Japanese origami. The game looks impeccable, and is easy to play. The app is perfect for chilling out without tying yourself in knots!

LYNE: A little game to stay on track


LYNE is a stripped-down puzzle that asks you to connect geometric shapes on a grid. Too easy? Behind the initial impression of simplicity, LYNE has worked a game mechanic that will require plenty of thinking.

You can’t cross connections, and each node has characteristics with strict requirements: some need multiple connections to activate, while others always need to be at either the start or the end of a chain. In addition to its interesting game mechanic, LYNE has beautiful minimalist menus, relaxing graphics, and discrete, chilled out music. It’s a haven of video game peace.


Strata: Zen ribbon-lacing


Strata is a handmade game that helps you relax by asking you to interlace ribbons. Choose the right combination of colors to match up the bands of color and complete the pattern.

This game is super-atmospheric thanks to its minimalist, but imaginative score. The soundtrack is composed in real time – each move you make, whether harmonious or dissonant, creates the music. It’s an original concept in a lush game world.

Splice: Relaxing puzzles in a small infinity


Splice is a puzzle game that plunges you into a mysterious, relaxing universe. In order to solve this little game’s micro-puzzles, you need to assemble groups of cells into predetermined arrangements. Splice is worth a try if only for the unique gameplay and trippy music – it will help you relax without numbing your brain.


Color Zen: Puzzles in technicolor

Color Zen

As you might have guessed from the title, Color Zen invites you to manipulate colored shapes. Like KAMI, the aim is to fill the screen with color. This time, though, you’re not dealing with origami: in Color Zen, you’ll have to crash the colors together to make them spread around the screen.

Your mission is to choose the correct order the colors need to spread to fill the screen. Ambiance-wise, Color Zen is indeed very Zen, with minimalist geometric shapes and vibrant music with hints of trip hop and jazz fusion.

Life can be a little stressful, and from time to time, you need to let go a little. Forget the frantic games that monopolize the Google Play rankings, and put your time into these 5 Zen womderlands instead

If we’ve forgotten a game that you think is perfect for chilling out, let us know in the comments.

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