The best Android games to train your brain

The best Android games to train your brain

Do you miss Dr. Kawashima and his brain training exercises? What if I told you that you can beef up your gray matter and swell your IQ by playing on your Android smartphone?

In this new episode in our series on the best Android games, I’ll present you with five great games that may well awaken your creative side.

Einstein™ Brain Trainer HD

Einstein™ Brain Trainer Free Forget Dr. Kawashima! Professor Einstein is the new kid on the brain-training block. Fun games, bright graphics and engaging characters will make training your braining a very entertaining experience.

Easy to play, the Einstein™ Brain Trainer games are centered around mental calculations, spatial awareness and memorization. As well as testing your skills in each area, your final score will also be based on your speed. Pass as many of the rounds as possible to collect maximum points.

The game gets our approval thanks to perfect execution and challenging tests. It’s a entertaining game that will also strengthen your mental abilities, and it’s great!

Warning: The free version of Einstein™ Brain Trainer allows you to play just one session.

Download Einstein™ Brain Trainer Free

Einstein™ Brain Trainer Free

Brain Yoga

Brain Yoga Brain Training GameAs its title indicates, Brain Yoga is a zen game where you’ll find a selection of activities designed to stimulate your brain. With its relaxing music and Eastern-themed graphics, this title is a real invitation to relax.

The strength of Brain Yoga is that although it’s difficult, it’s accessible. After each level, you can actually choose the difficulty of the following exercises. Another good point, Brain Yoga doesn’t impose any time limit so you can solve the puzzles at your own pace.

Memory, vocabulary, spatial visualization, and mental calculation are among the eight games included that cover a wide range of cognitive challenges. The perfect solution for stimulating your intellect without stress.

The free version of Brain Yoga only entitles you to one daily training session. Once that’s completed, you can still play other activities for free.

Download Brain Yoga

Brain Yoga

Monument Valley

Monument ValleyDon’t be fooled by this faux Escher scene. Monument Valley will work your brain with environmental puzzles. In this masterpiece, you’ll play with perspectives and dimensions to guide little Ida to her goal.

But behind impeccable graphics and an enchanting atmosphere, Monument Valley conceals clever challenges that could well give even regular puzzle masters some trouble.

In each level, you must manipulate the environment and play with optical illusions to help the heroine get to the exit. You will constantly question intuition about space and perspective to overcome the mazes in the game

It’s the out-of-the-box thinking and enchanting world that make Monument Valley a unique experience of its kind. A game that’s not to be missed under any circumstances.

Download Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Puzzle Restorer

Puzzle Restorer

Puzzle Restorer invites you to use your brain to restore color to art, which are unusual. You will don your restoration painter’s smock to recreate pixelated versions of iconic art from history.

Specifically, your goal is to reproduce a pre-defined model by drawing continuous lines on a canvas. You will have a tube of gouache and your legendary techniques as tools! A good way to train your logical thinking and spatial representation while reviewing the history of art!

Download Puzzle Restorer

Puzzle Restorer

Best IQ Test

Best IQ Test

Best IQ Test is heavily focused on mental arithmetic. What’s that? You don’t have a head for math? Me either! And yet, I loved this game and its captivating puzzles.

In Best IQ Test, you’ll have to solve some pretty accessible exercises (I can’t give you any more clues than that!) that will make you rethink your math and multiplication in a fun way. The secret? The Best IQ Test exercises are actually puzzles. There’s no guidance to explain how to use it and so it’s up to you to choose the right approach to finding the solution.

And if you get stumped on a particularly twisted riddle, you can always buy a clue. You just need to spend a few IQ points, the currency of the game that fluctuates with your successes and failures. I was surprised that I liked it so much, and I think you should know that the sight of an equation now gives me chills!

Download Best IQ Test

Brain IQ Test

These 5 Android games are perfect for passing some time while flexing your mental muscles.

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