The best apps for selfie addicts

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Taking a selfie is an art. Well, “art” is exaggerating a bit, but knowing a few photography tricks will help your selfies shine. Today at Softonic, we’ll give you a hand with the best apps for selfie addicts. We’re not just talking about taking the snapshot, but also touching it up. 


The first app on the list is Facetune. Available only as a paid service ($3.99), it’s a very powerful tool for taking, editing and retouching selfies. But is it worth paying for? If you like selfies and you take photos all day long, the answer is yes.

The best apps for selfie addicts

With Facetune, you’ll get snapshots with a more artistic flair, far from the conventional quick-use filters of these type of apps. The program has a large number of options so you’re sure to find something just for you.

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Possibly one of the most famous photo editing tools in the world: Snapseed. It has up to 29 tools and exclusive filters for your snapshots, from the classic paintbrush to a clone stamp. Also, it lets you put images in HDR, something that is helpful when you’re looking for the best possible quality.

For the specific case of selfies, Snapseed introduced an exclusive option for retouching portraits and selfies in 2017, either manually or through default settings.

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B612 Selfiegenic Camera. Yup, the name is much less commercial and easy to remember. B612 is a free app that recreates effects and filters in real time. With more than 1,500 different stickers, this tool also lets you draw shapes and even has an algorithm that selects which touch-up is best for you.

B612 has more than 100 million downloads and a very good rating from users. It not only lets you edit photos but also short videos, so you can add the effects already mentioned to videos or songs downloaded on your cell phone.


YouCam Perfect

We’ll wrap up this list with YouCam Perfect, a photo editing app focused on selfies. This tool lets you do touch-ups automatically or manually.

Since it’s focused specifically on portraits, you can beautify your skin with exclusive filters, add frames, and make collages with your photos. Give it a try!

YouCam Perfect - Selfie Cam Download Free

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