The Best Christmas Apps for 2020

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Christmas is finally here, and while the 2020 holiday season is obviously far from normal, the days are still full of cheer and good tidings for the new year. If you take a walk outside, you can admire the Christmas lights and the decorated storefronts with last-minute sales for procrastinators who still haven’t finished their Christmas shopping. When you get home, you’ll probably be welcomed by your beautiful Christmas tree surrounded by cards from family and friends. With so much Christmas spirit in the air… how is it possible that you haven’t installed a single Christmas app on your phone yet?

In today’s article, we’re going to solve that problem by sharing our roundup of the best Christmas-themed apps out there. After the kind of year we’ve had, we all need to do our best to make this Christmas a good one while spending some joyful days in the company of our loved ones. And of course, while obeying the rules set by the health authorities. Let’s have a look!

PNP–Portable North Pole Calls/videos from Santa

First on our list is PNP–Portable North Pole Calls/videos from Santa, an adorable app to delight the little ones at home. If you have kids of your own or nieces and nephews, you’ll know that there’s nothing more exciting for them at this time of year than writing a letter to Santa and waiting anxiously until Christmas morning to see if he brings the gifts they asked for.

PNP–Portable North Pole Calls/videos from Santa is a cool app that lets you have personalized video calls with Santa Claus. Just provide some information about your youngster, such as their name, age, hobbies or grade so that Santa will mention it in his calls. Then you can set up your interactive videos so that when he “calls” your kiddo, it looks like a real video call. Get ready to see your child’s surprised face when Santa shows up, knows all about them, and tells them whether they were a good or bad boy or girl this year!

The app lets you create one free video, but to do more, you’ll have to pay for a subscription. By signing up, you can access many more options, such as 50 different messages to personalize and multiple calls from Santa. The app features messages for your child to receive on the days leading up to Christmas, on Christmas Eve, on their birthday, or whenever they need someone to encourage them or congratulate them on an achievement. In fact, with this app your kiddo can boast that they’re one of Santa’s best friends. Want to try it?

PNP–Portable North Pole Calls & Videos from Santa DOWNLOAD

Dance Yourself – Create 3D Fun Face Videos 

This year, it might not be easy to enjoy the company of your family and friends at Christmas, but there’s a way you can send them funny greetings and give them something to smile about. Called Dance Yourself – Create 3D Fun Face Videos, this wacky app makes you the star of the most hilarious dance videos.

Dance Yourself – Create 3D Fun Face Videos is very easy to use. Just crop your face in a photo on your phone and add it to the app. Then choose a theme, customize your avatar and… let’s dance! The app has a section with Christmas themes, dances and music so you can send both Christmas greetings and best wishes for the New Year. So what are you waiting for? Make your video today!

Finally, we’d like to point out that, aside from being a fun and attractive app, Dance Yourself – Create 3D Fun Face Videos is free, so you can create fun videos without paying a dime. Download it quickly and conveniently below:

Dance Yourself Your Face 3D DOWNLOAD


ElfYourself has really stood out as one of the most popular Christmas apps in recent years. Use it to turn yourself, your family, your friends and even your pets into members of a band of elves full of rhythm, ready to celebrate Christmas in style.

ElfYourself is easy to use. First, take a selfie and adjust your photo to fit your face in the silhouette of the elf’s face. Then select the dance you like the most, and voilà: you’ll have a Christmas surprise for your family. It’s that easy. You can perform dances individually or with four more people (or pets), and we promise that the more people you add, the funnier your video will be.

One thing that distinguishes ElfYourself from similar apps is that it lets you turn any location into a dance floor. Thanks to the magic of Augmented Reality (AR) you can create dancing videos literally anywhere you want. Want to try it?

ElfYourself DOWNLOAD

Yasa Pets Christmas

Yasa Pets Christmas is an adorable app that lets you enjoy the magic of Christmas over and over again. In it, you get to play with three generations of a family of kittens on Christmas Day. The goal of the game is just to play with the characters in a virtual dollhouse and create the Christmas of your dreams.

A cute, fun game, Yasa Pets Christmas is perfect if you have kids at home. In it, you can interact with hundreds of objects in the dollhouse and create your own Christmas stories. For example, you can invite the grandparents over for the holidays, wake up the kittens on Christmas morning, open presents and unleash your imagination.

The game is completely free and has no integrated purchases, so it’s excellent for kids (young and old). You can download it below for absolutely no charge.

Yasa Pets Christmas DOWNLOAD


It’s happened to everyone at least once: you open a Christmas present and find something that you already have or simply don’t want. To avoid these types of uncomfortable situations, there is Elfster, a convenient app that lets you make a holiday wishlist and share it with your loved ones.

Elfster isn’t only useful for giving people an idea of your tastes and what you want for Christmas. The app even gives you the option of creating your own Christmas shopping list so you don’t forget to pick up a single gift. But that’s not all: if you usually participate in a Secret Santa exchange with your friends or coworkers, Elfster will make it easy to organize.

With a simple design and intuitive interface, Elfster is a great app that makes it easier to give and receive Christmas gifts. The app is completely free, so what are you waiting for? Download it today!


We hope our selection of Christmas apps has been useful to you. Are there any that you’d like to recommend to us? Tell us about it in the comments section!

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