The best recipe apps for Mac

The best recipe apps for Mac

If you like cooking and have a Mac, but you haven’t yet decided to combine the two, you really need to take a look at some of recipe software right now. To take the pain out of the process and maximize your time in the kitchen, we’ve done the hard part and whittled the field down to the very best.

MacGourmet is, as Nick so succinctly puts it, a cook’s dream. Designed to look and feel a lot like iTunes, it’s easy to use and very customizable. Sharing is definitely its strong point – you can use it to publish directly to blogs, and export easily to your iPhone, so making shopping lists couldn’t be easier.MacGourmet comes with recipes to get you started, and also has a feature for taking notes on your wine and food, so you’ll always be sure to get the most out of your time in the kitchen.

YummySoup! – pretentious name aside – is another attractive, easy-to-use option, but the major attraction here is the ease with which you can use it to import recipes from websites, which is perfect if that’s where you do most of your foodie research. It also comes with an impressive selection of recipes pre-included, which means that as soon as you install YummySoup!, you can get cooking.

SousChef is a great looker, and makes it very easy to import recipes with drag and drop and excellent tagging. In addition, it has a major feature that you don’t get in other similar apps – a text to speech function so you can have the recipe read out as you cook, keeping your greasy fingers far from your shiny Mac! It even supports voice commands or a remote, so you can start and pause the recipe as you need.

Yum! is a very popular cooking app on Softonic. It’s not quite as slick as some of the others, but it’s obviously doing something right to make it to the top of our download rankings. It makes adding and creating a very visual experience, with lots of editing options and a feature that lets you add your own images of the delicacies you cook up in the kitchen.

Recipe Box is by far the lowest-tech app on the list, but that’s because some people, quite rightly, like to keep things simple. This app lets you add and edit recipes, and makes it easy to print. You can also make up shopping lists, and unlike other apps, comes with ingredient, preparation and measurement dictionaries, so you can keep your cooking offline if you want or need to.

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