The best free puzzle and intelligence games for your mobile

The best free puzzle and intelligence games for your mobile

Intelligence and puzzle games are super popular on iPhone and Android. But what is it that makes them worthwhile? Today we’re going to recommend 5 free (and extremely varied) titles.

From puzzles where you have to match colors, to brainteasers and surreal mini-games, we bet that these 5 games will give you countless hours of enjoyment….for free! Let’s get started!

Pet Rescue Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a hit, but its creator, King also offers other interesting games that are worth trying. One of the newest is Pet Rescue Saga. Although it uses the classical system of matching colored pieces together to destroy them, it goes a bit further: the incentive for moving through the levels is to save the cute little animals on screen.

Will Pet Rescue Saga enjoy the same success as Candy Crush? We’re not sure, but it’s certainly addictive, easy to play and colorful – three key features in the success of its candy-colored cousin.

Download Pet Rescue Saga for Android

Download Pet Rescue Saga for iPhone


Tetris is much more than just a game franchise: it’s a legend with almost 30 years of history. And seeing as legends are timeless, then it’s not surprising that the game continues to rack up new versions. One of the most fun is this mobile offering featuring a very original approach:  2 minute games where the aim is to score as many points as possible.

Although we’ve become accustomed to using keys or buttons to play, the truth is that TETRIS Blitz is really well suited to the touchscreen, and it actually makes it easier when it comes to unlocking levels.

Download TETRIS Blitz for Android

Download TETRIS Blitz for iPhone

Download TETRIS Blitz for Windows Phone 7

Dumb Ways to Die

If you like games with mini-tests then you’ll love Dumb Ways to Die. This app is about saving the lives of characters who get into the most dangerous situations.

The actions to be taken to save these cute – and hard-to-describe – creatures are really simple, so the difficulty of the game lies with doing it in time. So really, it’s about testing your ability to concentrate and getting the job done quickly.

Download Dumb Ways to Die for Android

Download Dumb Ways to Die for iPhone

100 Floors

Something as simple as opening a door becomes a real challenge with 100 Floors. In this intelligence game you must solve puzzles in order to open the elevator doors: find pieces, solve keys or move levers.

100 Floors is achievable but definitely falls within the category of games that end up stumping you. When this happens, take a break: for sure when you start to play again you’ll quickly come up with the solution to the mystery!

Download 100 Floors for Android

Download 100 Floors for iPhone

Munch Time

Do you like Cut The Rope, a game where you feed a friendly monster? If you do, then you’ll also like Munch Time, a game in which you’ve got to get a chameleon to their meal. To do so, you have to guide the character through different obstacles and platforms, using a combination of his tongue and your intelligence.

With an excellent game physics and really simple mechanics, Munch Time is a great puzzle game which has a free version as well as a more extended paid-for version (available here on Android and iPhone).

Download Munch Time (free) for Android

Download Munch Time (free) for iPhone

A perfect genre for mobiles

The reason there are so many intelligence and puzzle games in the iPhone and Android catalogs is basically because they‘re easy to pick up and play for a short time. They’re also ideal for waking up our brains first thing in the morning when much of the population takes public transport to go to work or school.

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