The best in tech: what you missed this weekend

The best in tech: what you missed this weekend

If you weren’t glued to your smartphone, or constantly checking Twitter/Facebook/other news app or social network of choice over the weekend, it’s possible you may have missed some interesting articles. Well not to worry, help is at hand, as we select some of the most interesting reads in tech from the weekend that should help brighten up your day.

Twitter’s new Highlights service gives you a daily digest of curated tweets

We don’t all have the time (or desire) to check Twitter constantly, something which the social network has addressed in its new Highlight service. If you opt in, you will receive push notifications twice a day with popular Tweets from your network, as well as trending events and news. There is also a new Highlights tab within the app, meaning you can check out the curated content at any time.

Seven of Twitter’s 11 top executives tweet less than once a day

Maybe the Twitter Highlights service was designed to help the company’s executives, many of whom aren’t regulars users of the social network themselves. According to analysis carried out by web developer Si Dawson: “The typical executive at Twitter has tweeted less than once per day since they joined the social network”.

Facebook is making 3 big changes to its News Feed algorithm

Bad news for publishers, good news for regular social network users, as Facebook updates the algorithm that decides which posts will show up in your News Feed. The big changes include hiding posts that your friends have liked or commented on while showing you more content that your friends have shared.

See the Apple Watch torn down to its minuscule parts

apple watch

One of the big stories of last week was, of course, the release of the Apple Watch. And if you’d like to take a deeper dive into what exactly makes up this smartwatch, you’ll want to check out this video that takes the watch apart and shows you just what is inside

This is how Uber will take over the world

It seems like Uber is constantly in the news for one controversial decision or another, so it can be easy to forget exactly how successful the company has actually been. And now it is continuing its hyper local approach in markets that represent a huge opportunity but present a dizzying range of challenges. Examples include its UberGo hatchback-based cheap car service and UberAuto auto-rickshaw service in India, as well as UberSuperCar luxury car rental service in Singapore.

What’s coming and going on Netflix for May 2015

If Mad Men, Better Call Saul, and House of Cards just aren’t enough to quench your Netflix streaming thirst, you’ll be happy to know that a slew of new series and movies are being added in May. And in an interesting twist, it will stream a new series called Between weekly, rather than giving you access to all episodes at once.

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