The best in tech: what you missed this weekend – May 11th

Back to work again (for most of us), after another weekend that felt like it went by in seconds. If you didn’t spend your weekend glued to your smartphone, or constantly checking Twitter/Facebook/other news app/social network of choice, you might have missed some interesting developments in the world of tech. Well not to worry, help is at hand, as this weekly round up brings you some of the most interesting reads in tech from the weekend that should help brighten up your day.

Skip Googling with Facebook’s new “Add a Link” mobile status search engine

Sharing interesting links (like the ones in this article) on social networks when using your mobile phone can be a bit of a headache, with no real way to do it other than copy-paste. That is why Facebook – in its quest to take over every aspect of your life – is testing a kind of in-app search engine that will help you find the link to the story you want to share without leaving the app. If you type a keyword into this mobile search engine, Facebook will surface a list of stories you might want to share and from there it’s one-tap t0 add it to your timeline, with the option to insert a caption.

Pre-registration is now live for apps on the Play Store, starting with Terminator Genisys: Revolution

Google was also generating some headlines of its own over the weekend, with the news that it will now allow you to pre-register for games on the Play Store. While you have been able to pre-register for books and DVDs (if you still buy such things) for years, apps and games are the latest to get this feature, although you don’t have to pay anything to pre-register and you’re not committing to buying anything. You will merely receive a notification when the game is released. Terminator Genisys: Revolution is the first game where this option has appeared.

These photos of Apple’s first employees from the company’s earliest days are absolutely wonderful

The fascination with Steve Jobs and Apple’s early days show no signs of waning, with the release of more photographs of Jobs, along with Steve Wozniak, and other early employees. Aside from some group photographs (with some retro clothes and hair), there are also hand drawn copies of early office plans, showing the evolution of the company from a nimble start up to a more corporate organization.

Nintendo will release five smartphone games by 2017

Nintendo characters

It’s good news for Nintendo fans, as the company’s CEO and president revealed that it will release five new mobile games by March 2017. This is before its first smartphone offering has even hit the iOS and Android stores.  These games will be focused on quality and longevity, they will also not simply be ports of existing console games.

What’s the environmental impact of your nightly Netflix binge?

Millenials are – in general – more conscious and aware of their environmental impact and sustainability than the previous generation. So, this will make interesting reading for anyone that believes that by not buying paper copies of newspapers and books, and doing everything electronically, they are reducing the damage they cause to the environment.

Showtime’s version of HBO Now to launch in ‘coming months’

If you’re not put off by the environmental impact of your streaming services, then this may be music to your ears. CBS is to launch Showtime – its cable network – as a streaming service within the next couple of months. Much like the recently launched HBO Now, you won’t need a cable subscription to access the service.

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