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GPS SatelliteWhether you’re going sailing, mountaineering, hiking or golfing, GPS-capable mobile devices can provide useful information and guidance… but only if you have the right software for the job. Well, we’ve spent a bit of time digging up the very best GPS software available for a variety of mobile devices. Enjoy…

  • iGolfScorer (Symbian S60)
    While strictly a Golf scorecard application, iGolfScorer features an interesting integration of GPS technology, allowing you to collect highly detailed information for each hole, providing you with detailed statistics for drive distances and even suggesting which club to use!
  • GPS Speed Sentry (Pocket PC)
    A must-have for anyone planning a long drive this summer. GPS Speed Sentry is a motorist’s dream, harnessing the power of GPS to analyse your car’s speed and then warn you if you break one of your six user-defined speed limits. What’s really cool about this little app is that it also collects and displays loads of additional data about your bearing, position, elevation and more.
  • X.GPS (Pocket PC)
    Perfect for outdoor team games at night or in low visibility, X.GPS allows you and your friends (who will also need a GPS-equipped device) to share data on your whereabouts at the touch of a button. The program allows you to see the location of each connected friend on a futuristic proximity meter. Arguably not the most useful program on the list, but great fun to play with.
  • PathAway GPS (Palm version | Pocket PC version)
    This is probably the best of the GPS apps we tried out, mainly because of its huge range of features. Perfectly suited to orienteering, trekking, mountain-biking and other outdoor pursuits, it combines the accuracy of GPS location technology with high-powered path-finding and recording tools.
  • GPS-Navigator (Symbian UIQ)
    This powerful GPS program for selected Sony and Motorola handsets provides accurate, easy to understand data about your location and bearing. Featuring the option to download and automatically calibrate maps from the internet, GPS-Navigator is a great way to navigate using your phone.
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