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Let’s kick off our “The best PC games for…” series by showing you some of the most customizable computer games.

If you get bored easily and like to change up your gameplay, you’re likely into mods, amendments for certain PC games that can change the entire game with a couple of free downloads and a few clicks.

Mods are perfect for changing the face of a character you don’t like, discovering new landscapes, and enjoying the game in ways that even the original creators couldn’t have imagined. Here, we show you 5 great games that let you use mods to get an entirely new gaming experience.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

GTA San Andreas This GTA is, on its own merits, a favorite in the series for many users, even more so than the excellent fifth installment. The reason?  The story and characters are tremendously charismatic, along with some really fun missions. Add to this an almost infinite number of possibilities for customizing gameplay on PC using mods, and its not hard to understand why.

GTA San Andreas mods are easily manageable with Mod Installer, letting you change anything from a relatively simple aesthetic improvement, such as more vehicles or a snow scene, to amazing changes in gameplay. Yup, with minor free modifications, you can enjoy multiplayer mode, be attacked by zombies, or experience (almost) anything else you can think of.

GTA San Andreas San Andreas gets multiplayer thanks to an excellent mod

Grand Theft Auto IV

GTA San Andreas is a great game, but unfortunately, the graphics look dated. Luckily, GTA IV, the next in the series, also has plenty of mods that let you fine tune it to your liking.

Undoubtedly, the one you’ll notice most is the one that turns your adventures with Niko Bellic into those lived by Carl Johnson in San Andreas. But this isn’t the only one that deserves our attention: elephants, superheroes, and third person views are all on the list too.

GTA IV BatmanBatman Arkham Origins? No, it’s GTA IV with a fantastic mod!

The Sims 3

The Sims 3

Since the first generation of Sims, which debuted in 2000, the game has been famous for having endless ways to play. This not only includes multiple expansions, but mods as well.

This hit a peak with The Sims 3, which hid thousands of ways to tease them out. You can, as always, change your characters’ outfits to fit with the latest fashion or look like your idols, as well as being able to enjoy entirely new neighborhoods. Going even a little bit further, you can also modify any animation, action or aspect of the game that doesn’t quite suit you.

The question will be if The Sims 4 can support mods as well as the other games in the series.

Harry Potter in the Sims 3Harry Potter fans can recreate their favorite series in The Sims 3 by installing modifications

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V

One of the great incentives to play Skyrim on PC, in addition to the improved graphics (provided you have powerful machine), is its great mod community. Are you bored with the fantasy theme? Are you sick of always using the same armor?

Skyrim can meet any of your aesthetic or gameplay fantasies – it’s a game that has mods that can alter the game in both aspects. You can even experience something as unexpected as riding on the back of a My Little Pony. If you think we’re exaggerating, follow this link to see how much fun you can have with the game. Even if the mod you want is not on the network, you can always create your own with the Skyrim Creation Kit.

The Elder Scrolls VIf you like to dance, there’s a Skyrim mod for that too



We couldn’t write this piece without mentioning Minecraft, the king of all mods. Born as an indie project, this Mojang game has grown in both community and options, most of them made ​​by users themselves.

Minecraft can’t be explained. It’s a living thing, and it’s built on the fly so that each game is unique. Play using a World of Warcraft map, with a cubic version of Far Cry 3, with a particular version of Zelda, or if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, in Westeros itself. With Minecraft, anything is possible. Even more importantly, installing it is easy when you use an application like Modloader for Minecraft.

Game of Thrones in Minecraft

Game of Thrones fever has even reached Minecraft thanks to the work of users

The limit? Your imagination!

These five games have some of the largest modding communities, but they’re not the only ones offering this feature. Think of any PC game and we’re sure you’ll be able to change some of its options or expand the boundaries of its universe. Give it a try!

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