The best Skype alternatives on Softonic

The best Skype alternatives on Softonic

A year or two ago, hardly anyone was really aware of VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone calls and the technology was very much the preserve of geeks. The revolution that Skype unleashed on an aging and overly self-satisfied telecoms industry was a long time coming and this little program truly has ushered in a new era of cheap global communication. The sign of a great program is its universal appeal, and Skype has that in spades.

But time waits for no software, and while Skype is certainly the market leader it is facing some stiff competition from feature-packed newcomers. So if you’ve had annoying disconnect issues with Skype, or you’d just like to try an alternative, be sure to take a look at Nick’s post on the topic.

On the games front, this week has been a particularly exciting one for fans of the Call of Duty series. The demo for Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare was released and we loved it. Check out the review, give the demo a spin and let us know what you think! If you’re of a more historical inclination, you may have dreamt of ruling a kingdom from a great castle. Who hasn’t? Well if that sounds like your idea of fun, Tony put together a list of the very best castle simulation games on Softonic.

If you’re something of a Photoshop addict, don’t miss Cyril’s latest post in our Photoshop tips series. It’s a collection of the best online sources for tips and tricks in the #1 graphics application, so if a tip’s worth knowing, you’ll find it there. Finally, if you’re sick of windows, why not give Ubuntu a go? They’ve just upgraded to their best looking, most user-friendly version yet… and with every new version, the reasons for staying with a non-free OS become fewer.

Stay tuned for next week’s Halloween Special!

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