The best video chat app on Android– Sam’s Choice

The best video chat app on Android– Sam’s Choice

What’s the best video chat app for Android? It’s something I’ve wondered in recent years. I myself am fortunate enough to have friends all over the world, and video chat is one of my favorite ways to communicate with them. As most people do, I started with Skype, probably the most popular video chat program.

When I was still using it though, the group video chat option wasn’t available on the free version (although that’s since changed). That’s when I went on my search for the perfect video chat app. After looking far and wide, I am pleased to present the Holy Grail of video conferencing on Android.

The best app


hangoutsIt’s time to face the facts: at the moment, Hangouts is better than Skype in terms of video chat. Of course, the Microsoft app now has free groups calls, but only users of the PC or iOS version can take advantage of this. Fortunately, Hangouts works perfectly on mobile platforms.

The app contains several easy-to-use features for videoconferencing, allowing you to easily get in touch with friends and relatives and invite up to ten people to a video call. You can even invite people when the call is in progress, just in case you forgot about someone.

Skype for iOS gets groups calls feature

Hangouts offers easy-to-use features.

Another huge advantage Hangouts has over its competition is its enormous base of potential users. Most people already have a Google account, so there’s no need for friends and relatives to subscribe to an additional service, not to mention that the app is available on most mobile platforms. What’s more, users of the PC app don’t even have to install any additional software; a simple browser will suffice. It’s quite simply unbeatable.

Download Hangouts

The rising stars

Hangouts is the frontrunner at the moment, but the Google app, fairly conventional in its Android version, could possibly be outdone by video chat software that’s more specifically designed for mobile platforms. The following video conferencing apps stand out due to their unique design and innovative concepts. Keep an eye on these promising alternatives.


RoundsRounds is a video chat app that’s a bit ahead of its time. In addition to unlimited free video calls, Rounds offers many activities that you and your friends can enjoy together. You can play games, watch videos together, share photos and webpages, and even scribble on the screen. Indeed, Rounds has every intention of making your video calls more fun and entertaining. It’s a newcomer that’s taking off fast!

Download Rounds


RoundsOne of the main problems with audio calls in general is organizing a time thats convenient for all those involved. This is a problem that Glide intends to solve in the simplest possible way. Rather than getting everyone together at the same time, the app allows you to record video messages which other people can then watch and answer whenever its convenient for them. It’s an interesting concept in a refreshing new style. More to follow.

Download Glide


RoundsSince its last update, Snapchat has incorporated some very nice video chat and texting features. With just one click, you can start a video chat with other contacts who are using the app at the same time. In theory, the concept is great, but in reality, the signal quality is far lower than other current alternatives. At the moment, it seems like more of a gimmick than a game changer. Stay tuned.

Download Snapchat

Skype may have the user base, and even Viber’s gotten in on the game, but Hangouts is on its way to catching up, and in my opinion, offers better features than Skype. Try Google Hangouts, or one of the other alternatives, if you want to comfortably video chat on your Android device.

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