The best view of summer, guaranteed

The best view of summer, guaranteed

Summer's dayHaving just had a quick flick through the news to see how this summer’s been behaving across the globe I found out that there seems to have been a slight breeze across Jamaica and Mexico, a bit of water in the UK, some fires in Greece and rather a lot of sun in Hungary. And here I’ve been sitting in an office.

Well, if the weather’s been making you mad, depressed, happy, homeless (delete where appropriate) perhaps all you really need is the perfect summer wallpaper on your PC so you can spend every day stuck in your office in a job you don’t really like pretending that the world is indeed a joyous once-in-a-lifetime miracle. You might remember that a month ago Cyril sent you some of the best wallpapers we have. Well here are some better ones. Focused on making you feel all nice and warm. Alright, enough of that.

VistaMizer Wallpaper Pack – Stunning natural landscapes with grass, sea and sun, and air as fresh as sticking your head out the window. Remember, you can use this on your normal PC and transform it with a new Vista look.

Hawaii – I’ll certainly never get the chance to go there; plus I don’t like surfing. But if you want to pretend you’re a member of the 50th state, then the views of the island are pretty stunning. Did you know, the Hawaiian pizza did not originate from Hawaii, in fact they hate it and prefer mushrooms.

Egypt Wallpaper – Many people’s favourite holiday destination but it can get pretty hot. Far better to spend the scorching summer months in the cold comfort of your bedroom and wonder at the original wonder of the Ancient World – The Great Pyramid of Giza – now voted at number eight out of seven. No, I don’t understand either. It’s what happens when you give the public a choice.

Solar Wallpaper – And finally, how about the ultimate sunny wallpaper. Available for Blackberry owners, here’s a close-up of a solar flame. It’s an amazing sight of just how hot that yellow dot in the sky can get. The lengths they’ll go to to give you a nice screensaver.

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