The best web browser for Android – Sam’s choice

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If you feel limited by the default browser installed on your smartphone, it’s time to switch to a superior alternative. Luckily, I’ve tested both the heavy hitters and the newcomers in this category to save you time.

I’ve been an advocate of Google’s Chrome browser, but it’s clear that Chrome has taken a a few knocks recently. Even now, the browser struggles when running on a PC, and it feels almost ancient when compared to its new challengers on Android. Chrome has a dated design, questionable ergonomics, zero customization, and weak security options.

The best web browser for Android – Sam’s choice

Focusing on more than just performance, I looked at the practicality and user experience of various mobile browsers in my investigation. After much debate, the final verdict is:

The best application

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser for Android is amazing because it really has something for everyone. It incorporates technology that renders it ten times more efficient than the default Android browser (according to its developers). Without going into unnecessary technical details, Dolphin Browser feels significantly more responsive than its current competitors.

Versatile and customizable, Dolphin Browser has extensions that allow you to adapt the browsing experience to your needs by adding useful features. My favorite? The Dolphin Float extension, which opens links without leaving your current application.

Even better, you can also customize the interface of the browser by choosing one of the many themes available, or by using the background of your choice.

On the left, the sidebar menu and its extensions. On the right, the theme selection screen.

Dolphin Browser doesn’t lack in security either. The app will let skeptics browse with the anonymous search engine DuckDuckGo, use a master password, or erase their history when closing the browser.

Ultimately, the app is full of good ideas like navigational gestures and a night mode that transforms the appearance of web pages to reduce eye fatigue. You can also send pages from your mobile to your computer by installing the Dolphin Connect extension on Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

All this added to the experimental Flash support, and you have the real Rolls Royce of Android web browsers.

Download Dolphin Browser

The rising stars

Dolphin Browser could very well be quickly caught up by the competition. The following browsers stand out for their unique designs and innovative features. Watch closely for these competitors with huge potential.

CM Browser

After focusing on the maintenance of Android devices, the creators of Clean Master launched their attack on web browsers with CM Browser, which focuses on security and user-friendliness. Very fast, light and easy to handle, CM Browser is an excellent alternative to Dolphin Browser.

Download CM Browser

Javelin Browser

Javelin Browser is perhaps the most innovative browser in this selection. The app radically challenges the norm using practical and everyday functions. Between the full screen display, the ad-blocker, and tool tips that open links in the background display, Javelin is simply amazing– a very promising browser indeed.

Download Javelin Browser


After redesigning its synchronization function, the Android and PC versions of Firefox now work together. If Firefox doesn’t stand out on Android through the originality of its features or its design, Mozilla could still make a difference with its mobile browser by drawing inspiration from the PC version. After all, Firefox is the king of web browsers on Windows.

Download Firefox

If you want the best browser for your Android, I’d go with Dolphin Browser, but if you want to try something a bit out of the box, then check out one of my honorable mentions.

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