The best Wimbledon apps for iPhone

The best Wimbledon apps for iPhone

With all the hubbub surrounding the World Cup it’s easy to forget that Wimbledon is now in full swing (if you’ll pardon the expression). If you’re a tennis fan with an iPhone then there are several free apps you can install to follow the tournament wherever you go, ensuring that you never miss a moment of the action.

Wimbledon 2010

Wimbledon 2010 is the official app of the tournament and it’s a real delight to use. The application lets you track the latest score in every match that’s being played, as well as serving up news from off the court, including Twitter feeds from players and pundits.

There’s plenty more to Wimbledon 2010 than this, too. You can access the order of play, check out biographies of every player, and watch video highlights from each day. Best of all though, is the Radio Wimbledon feature, which provides live commentary from the matches on Centre Court and Court One, plus live coverage of the rest of the matches.

Wimbledon 2010

Wimbledon – Live Feeds

Live FeedsGiven the extent of its features, you won’t find an app with better coverage of the tournament than Wimbledon 2010. However, it might be worth installing Wimbledon – Live Feeds, as well. The app gives you access to news stories from the tournament even when there is no EDGE/3Gor WiFi coverage available. This means that you needn’t be missing out on the tennis gossip while you’re sat on the subway.

Wimbledon Live Feed offers schedule information, game results and player profiles. Unlike Wimbledon 2010, it also covers tennis news and information from outside of the tournament, including the latest ATP rankings.

IBM Seer

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting the All England Club to watch the tournament live, then there’s one app you simply must try out. Seer is a free augmented reality tool for iPhone that provides an incredible way to follow the tournament from the ground.

The app provides live information on matches from different points of interest around Wimbledon. Amazingly, Seer allows you to ‘see’ into all of the courts as you walk around them. You just enable your iPhone’s camera and point it at the outside of a court. Hit a button and you’ll be able to watch a live video feed of what’s going on inside. So, if you like the look of a match you can then go in and watch the action in real life. Check out this impressive demo to see all the neat feature of Seer.


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