The best zombie games in the World

Zombies - not very niceI watched 28 Weeks Later last night and it was so chilling that I’m still checking all the cupboards and under the beds now. There’s something about zombies that really puts the willies up me. But try as I might I can get never get enough of them either, and as well as watching films featuring the undead, I’ve always enjoyed playing zombie games such as Resident Evil. Here are a few of my favourites that are available as PC downloads:

  • Zombie Shooter – Blast those evil beings off the face of the planet
  • House of the Dead III – Defy the undead with the help of your gun
  • Killing Floor -Use all your guille to drive back the hoards of flesh munchers
  • The Island – Chase the ghoulish creates off the deserted island
  • Gibbage – Deathmatch game featuring zombies and other nasties
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