The complete anti-phishing toolkit

The complete anti-phishing toolkit

Anti-phishing shieldThere was once a time when phishing was all about sitting on the banks of a river with a bag of maggots waiting for something to bite. Then the internet came along and suddenly phishing became one of the biggest threats to our online security. If you don’t already know, phishing basically involves websites and popups masquerading as something else, usually to fool you into entering private or confidential data.

Personally, I’ve never suffered an attack yet which may be testament to Firefox’s excellent anti-phishing filter or the fact that I’m not surfing enough dodgy websites. Indeed, Firefox’s anti-phishing filter has been widely praised as being better than Internet Explorer’s so these tools will probably mainly interest you if you’re using the latter.

Phishing Zapper
– Constantly updated with the latest phishing scams to keep you safe

Phishing Blaster – Highly customisable and powerful phishing monitor

Geek Superhero
– Surely the most orignal anti-phishing “superhero” style monitor

BullGuard Internet Security – Excellent and easy to use anti-phishing filter and firewall

Scam Sensor for Outlook – Don’t let Outlook get caught out by dodgy e-mails

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