The complete GTA IV fan kit

The complete GTA IV fan kit

Can’t wait to play GTA IVWe’ve been counting down the time for the GTA IV release since last month and now that it’s less than 24 hours left for us to wait, we’re really on tenterhooks now. It’s well known that thousands of gamers ahve already preordered their copy, but we’ve decided to go the bold way and get it in person from stores tomorrow April 29th.

With one of us (Tom) buying the PS3 version and another one (myself) the Xbox360 one, I guess there’s going to be a lot of interesting debate going along during the next weeks, comparing graphics, gameplay and performance. At least there’s one thing we can share: a complete GTA IV fan kit for your computer, so that we can all get into the GTA IV mood.

A pack of wallpapers is always a good start. You can select your favorite one in the game’s official site or simply download the special package Softonic has prepared for all GTA fans, containing a selection of six high-res background desktop images.

Another important element in this particular GTA IV customization is the screensaver. The official GTA IV Screensaver includes a bunch of screenshots from the game and is also constantly updated with more material from the Rockstar site.GTA IV complete fan kit

Don’t have enough with that? Right. Head over to the game’s site and you’ll find a wide variety of extra downloadable material, such as the Liberty CityRadio widget, a series of PDF-format posters, buddy icons, avatars and of course a huge number of screenshots. The site also features the complete collection of GTA IV trailers (one of which is also available on Softonic).

But if you’re looking for actual game footage, don’t miss the following video from Gametrailers: a 11-minute long GTA IV video review that’s only made my mouth water even more.

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