Behind the Scenes: Discover the Mind-Blowing Technologies Used in Avatar 2: The Way of Water

Behind the Scenes: Discover the Mind-Blowing Technologies Used in Avatar 2: The Way of Water
Chema Carvajal Sarabia

Chema Carvajal Sarabia

Today, Avatar 2: The Way of Water has arrived on Disney+, and millions of people will be able to enjoy James Cameron’s film for the first time from the comfort of their homes in glorious 4K and Dolby Vision.


But today we are here to talk about all those unknown curiosities that will leave you with more than one “ooooh,” because these types of movies always have a lot going on behind the scenes that are very entertaining. And even more so when they are very long.

With such great actors, budget, and a top-level director, they couldn’t disappoint us with the behind-the-scenes curiosities. Let’s take a look:

Best curiosities of Avatar 2: The Way of Water

It cost a lot of money

Director James Cameron has tried to keep the production cost of Avatar 2: The Way of Water a secret, but he hasn’t been shy about mentioning in interviews that it was, and I quote, “bloody expensive.”

Seems like a lot, right? Well, recent sources have confirmed Cameron’s statement, revealing that the film could have cost a whopping $350-400 million. However, it has grossed around $3 billion.

Everything the animated characters do on screen, the actors interpret in real life

One of the main differences between Avatar: The Way of Water and other films that use computer-generated characters is that all the actors actually performed their scenes.

It was the advanced motion capture technology that allowed their eyes, facial expressions, emotions, and movements to be captured and transferred to the computer-generated character.

It was shot in real underwater tanks

At the Manhattan Beach Studios, two enormous tanks were designed to bring Cameron’s vision to life.

One of the tanks was used for training and intimate moments of the characters, while the other tank was filled with wave and current machines designed to enhance the action-packed sequences.

The cast and crew logged more than 200,000 hours of free immersion

The master diver supervisor of Avatar, John Garvin, stated that over 200,000 dives were performed in what he believed to be the “most complicated diving film ever made.”

In the interview, he mentioned that this figure includes the number of freediving dives, which were also challenging to record because some of them lasted between 30 and 60 seconds, while others were consistently longer!

Garvin explained that on a typical shooting day, they would see 26 scuba divers and freedivers in the water at the same time, going up and down like yo-yos. Not to mention the control and lighting department, which constantly submerged to adjust something on the set.

You know, if you haven’t seen Avatar 2: The Way of Water and want to know what this great masterpiece is about, it is now available on Disney+ in 4K and HDR.


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