The creepiest, scariest software for Halloween

The creepiest, scariest software for Halloween

Dear Softonic users,

As the shadows lengthen and the leaves fall, the spookiest time of year is upon us yet again. That’s right: it’s Halloween this Wednesday so to celebrate, we’ve gathered the ghostliest, most terrifying and weirdest games, wallpapers and themes into one handy newsletter.

Elena got things rolling with her post covering the scariest games on Softonic. She selected eight games guaranteed to send shivers down your spine, including this week’s game of the week, the terrifying Jericho. Meanwhile, James hunted down the best Halloween wallpapers, themes and screensavers. Reader Amelia felt that his selection wasn’t very scary at all: what do you think?

If, like me, you’re more of a murder mystery fan, you’ll enjoy Nick’s post about the best mystery-busting games. From classic Agatha Christie to the more modern Murder Death Kill, there’s something for everyone. He also had time to take a look at the special Halloween version of PacMan, entitled PacDoom III. Filled with interesting new features and spooky settings, your mission is to help PacMan get to his Halloween party on time.

For those who aren’t big fans of Halloween or scary stuff in general, have no fear! James kindly picked out the loveliest, cutest and most cuddly games for people who’d rather snuggle up by the fireplace than dress up as a zombie with shower curtain for a cape. Check out his post and you’ll cheer up in no time.

Until next week – don’t have nightmares!

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