The Crew out today- watch the launch trailer now

The Crew out today- watch the launch trailer now
Jonathan Riggall

Jonathan Riggall

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Ubisoft’s massively multiplayer online racer The Crew is out today, and there’s a brand new trailer to celebrate. Watch it below.

The Crew sees you racing around the United States in seriously customized automobiles, evading the cops and taking out the competition. There’s off-road and city racing, and it looks like an impressive arcade racing game.

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Ubisoft didn’t send review copies early, claiming that multiplayer is so important to The Crew, that it’s unfair to judge the game until it’s being played by lots of people. There may be something to that argument, as there have been plenty of examples of games that were well reviewed before release, only for players to discover multiplayer mode couldn’t stand the stress of huge numbers of players or the game was plagued with bugs.

Nevertheless, that means we’ll have to wait to find out what critics think of The Crew. We’re hoping it turns out well, as alongside Project Cars, there could be two good options for PC racing fans, the latter providing a simulator experience. The Crew, on the ther hand, will give the arcade thrills.

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