The Drones are prepared to save something big, very big.

The Drones are prepared to save something big, very big.

Delivering packages? Make videos while you’re being followed? Participating in big competitions? These are all very simple tasks for the next drone missions. Are you ready to know what his next accomplishment will be?

Source: Andre Distel/Getty Images

The Great Wall of China! Tourists usually only visit a small part of the Great Wall which includes the restored parts. But Intel wants to help show the Great Wall of China in all its splendor. In collaboration with the Chinese government, it will use its drone technology combined with artificial intelligence to film those parts that are covered in vegetation in order to create a detailed 3D model based on 4k images.

This collaboration will focus on one of the worst preserved sections: Jiankou, which is about 30 miles north of Beijing. Intel wants to use its Falcon 8+ drone system capable of correcting the course and finding all kinds of flaws to map them and create the perfect guide – maybe just to not repeat map) for the Conservatives.

It’s not the first time Intel has used its drones to achieve impossible goals. For the rehearsals of the last winter Olympics ceremony with the help of drones we’ve seen a show like never before.

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