The easiest way to create panoramic photos

The easiest way to create panoramic photos

create panoramic photosA few days ago one of my friends was really excited about having discovered a program to create panoramic photos. She didn’t know such programs existed at all – you’ll have to excuse her, my friends are not software junkies like me. Her discovery made me think that many other people could be in the same situation and that panoramic photos would then make a perfect topic for a blog post.

Panoramic pictures or simply panoramas are really wide images, usually from nature landscapes or city skylines, which are made of individual photos of different areas all stitched together to create the whole view. The difficulty in creating panoramas is not only in taking the right images, but also in sticking them properly to build the original view.

I’m sure there must be quite a bunch of tools with which you can create panoramic photos, but I’m also sure none of them is as simple to use as AutoStitch. This great tool was developed by a Computer Science student and it’s probably the easiest way to create panoramas. Just unzip the file and run the program. Load your images and AutoStitch will automatically start working on them to create the panoramic image. Once done, you’ll find the result saved in the same folder where your original photos are. The panorama may need some further cropping to erase blanked out margins, but the hardest part is already done. Easy as pie!

Barcelona panorama

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