The Expendabros is the best movie game ever

The Expendabros is the best movie game ever

The idea behind The Expendables franchise is excellent: bringing together action stars in movies that conjure up nostalgia for dumb 80’s action films somehow works. The first two movies are excellent dumb-fun movies that only move the plot to new areas to create more action.

With the release of The Expendables 3, Free Lives has released a free crossover game for the movie called The Expendabros. If you’ve played the equally excellent Broforce, then you know exactly what kind of game you’re in for. Featuring seven Expendabros, I think this is the best movie tie-in game ever.

Even better than Broforce

The Expendabros takes The Expendables team and adds them into the Broforce universe. As 2-D action game, you shoot, stab, and explode nameless enemies through levels while fighting gigantic bosses. Specifically, The Expendabros are sent to hunt down Conrad Stonebanks, the villain of The Expendables 3.

The Expendabros

While it may not seem like a far cry from Broforce, The Expenadabros gives you a good sense of what Free Lives could add to Broforce.

The Expendabros is actually harder on normal difficulty than the same setting in Broforce. The addition of different types of level hazards like spinning buzz saws make the game’s platforming challenging. And, like every big action movie’s third act, once you finish the game, you’ll be able to experience one of the most entertaining and frustrating levels ever.

The Expendabros

That said, I hope that some of these levels can be added to Broforce, if not the characters. Each Expendabro has a different special attack. Bronar Jenson has a remote control R/C car that you can drive up to enemies, while Broc uses knives and cuts everything to shreds. If you’ve played Broforce, you’ll see a bit of overlap with some types of weapons, and while they may not be exact copies, the guns work similarly. It wouldn’t even matter if they were exactly the same though, because the weapons in Broforce are all fun to use.

The Expendabros

Somehow, Free Lives has found a way to keep the game open to unlimited replayability. It’s fun to go back and replay levels, even on the same difficulty. Add in four player local co-op and a bunch of friends can have a lot of fun playing the game. Another plus is that the game doesn’t take that long to finish. You can speed through the game in an hour if you’re persistent, but there is a lot of trial and error during boss fights.

More to come from Free Lives?

The Expendabros is one of the best games I’ve played this year, and it would be great to see it on other platforms. As a free download until December 31st, 2014, you won’t think of the game as a wasted purchase. It’s easy to get addicted to The Expenabros and then come back to it a week later and enjoy the over-the-top destruction again and again. If you grew up with 80s action or enjoy The Expendables, then you should play The Expendabros, because it’s amazing.

It does leave me wondering though. What will happen when the year is up? It would be great to see an even bigger Expendabros game. But, as I wait for more updates to Broforce, The Expendabros fills in the gap perfectly. It’s dumb fun, but who doesn’t want a little mindless fun sometimes?

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