The fastest spyware killer in the West?

The fastest spyware killer in the West?

spyware-detector-box.jpgIt seems these days that computer users fear spyware more than they do creepy crawlies or ghosts – perhaps with good reason. No one wants their system to be overrun my malicious code that detects and tracks your online activity. Of course, there are plenty of anti-spyware tools available that are designed to keep your machine free of intrusive spyware.

Although usually very effective, traditional anti-spyware software has a tendancy to slow down your system and leave you hanging around while it works its magic. However, the latest release from Max Secure Software, Max Spyware Detector 2.0 is designed to eliminate prying applications in seconds thanks to its built-in Smart Scan technology.

“Consumers have been asking for an anti-spyware product that can detect spyware and doesn’t take all day to do it,” explains Sanjay Pradham, CEO of Max Secure Software. “Before Max Spyware Detector was available, consumers were spending an average of 25 or more minutes waiting for their anti-spyware product to do its job, but now as a result of Max Spyware Detector, we’ve been able to cut consumers’ scan time down to only a few minutes at the longest.”

You would think that skipming on scanning time would allow certain spyware apps to go through undetected, but MaxSpyware seems to deliver a thorough scan and picked up virtually everything we could throw at it in terms of installing known spyware apps. While not as thorough as Ad-Aware, the application is great for those who want to ensure they’re not being watched while at the same time saving on scanning times.

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