The five best photo album apps

The five best photo album apps

This week we are going to help all of you shutterbugs by showing you the best ways to display and share your photos, introducing our guide to the five best digital photo albums.

We start with the obvious, Google Photos (iOS|Android). This service not only stores your photos in the cloud, but also uses Google’s search engine to recognize objects and colors in pictures to help you find specific images with ease.

For those of you looking for a more (graphic) novel way to show off your snapshots, then we recommend Seedling Comic Studio (iOS). This lets you turn new and existing photos into mini-comics. With a little practice, you could have your very own origin story ready to share.

Shutterfly Photo Story (iOS|Android|Windows) is a more traditional photo album creator. Helping you sort and store your pictures, this little app also lets you add doodles, text, and even short audio clips to personalize your album.

If you want a more dynamic way to share your pictures then RealTimes Real Player (iOS|Android|Windows) could be for you. After selecting your photos, this tool automatically adds pans, zooms, and wipes to create something visually engaging to share with your friends.

Finally we have Million Moments Photo Viewer (Android). This has a great, easy to use, design – but its real strength is in how it organizes your pictures. Sharing images in albums with small animations, it encourages you to engage with every photo in a similar fashion to a magazine viewer.

Those are this week’s five. Next time we are going to be bringing you the five scariest apps we can find for Halloween. Subscribe so you don’t miss that, and I will see you then!

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