The Google stain: one year of massive layoffs

The technology sector continues to suffer major layoffs.

The Google stain: one year of massive layoffs
Daniel García

Daniel García

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Google has made many headlines in the past year with its advances, progress, updates, and new services, but as the saying goes, not everything that glitters is gold. On its hidden side, Google has also recorded a massive number of layoffs, which, combined with the most recent ones in its marketing department, leave a very visible stain on its image.

For several weeks, there has been talk that Google was undergoing a very severe restructuring within its company, something that internally they have tried to call “new normality”, in an attempt to normalize the wave of layoffs they have carried out in various departments of their workforce.

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More than 10,000 jobs destroyed

In recent days, it has come to light that Google has laid off over a thousand employees from multiple areas, such as Google Nest, Fitbit, or Pixel, in an effort to unify teams to perform multitasking functions. However, there were still more layoffs to come, as can be seen in the over a hundred layoffs that Google has also made in Sales.

And it is that, as Neowin points out, combined with the layoffs that Google carried out in 2023, they far exceed the 10,000 layoffs made in total in the last year. However, for a company of Google’s magnitude, despite being extremely massive layoffs, it represents a 6% reduction in staff.

Difficult times for the technology sector

There is no doubt that the company has made an effort to drastically reduce its human capital expenses, despite being currently one of the most powerful companies in the world, and only surpassed by Apple and Microsoft in terms of enterprise value. These are turbulent times in various technology segments, where they consider many more employees dispensable than in the past.

Many major companies have announced layoffs in recent times: the streaming platform Twitch, very popular services like Discord, or widely used music services like Spotify have also recently laid off some of their staff in times that will be remembered in a darker way for this reason.

Daniel García

Daniel García

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