The great software awards swindle

We computer users can be a very trusting bunch, and many of us put our complete faith in the software we use, the web sites we visit and anything that comes out of Steve Jobs’s mouth. However, it’s important to stay paranoid, as Cyril found out when he investigated the disturbing phenomenon of software awards scams. He also blew the lid on online identity theft, revealing how you can protect yourself from having your very being cloned.

Meanwhile, our resident tipster, Elena has been busy imparting some truly reliable advice for using Google in new ways, making cool text effects in Photoshop and opening up more tabs in Firefox. She even found time to give the slick new download manager in Firefox 3 the once over.

If you’re at a loose end this weekend then check out some of the weird and wonderful ways we’ve been using software over the last week. Armed with nothing more than our PCs, I became a masterchef and wrote my own cookbook, Tom discovered the secrets of the Universe using the new Sky feature in Google Earth, and Tony pondered his imminent death after installing some health checking apps. Trust insideTonic to brighten up your weekend.

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