The great software Easter egg hunt – Day 5: MS Works

The great software Easter egg hunt – Day 5: MS Works

It may be a poor-man’s answer to Word, but Windows’ built-in office suite Works hides a few fun secrets. After delving under the hood of its bigger brother last week, today I thought I’d scout for some Easter eggs for those who don’t have MS Office installed on their PC.

If you’re frustrated by Works’ somewhat limited functionality why not take it out on the software’s development team by hitting them in the face? Open the Works Task Launcher and ‘Start a Blank Project’ on the home page. In the ‘Project Title’ type “weiVtcejorP” (without quotes) and click in an empty space underneath the title. Hit Ctrl+F6 and you’ll now get the chance to whack the developers as they fly around the screen!


Another fun bit of animation is available in Works 6 and Works 2001 Suite. Open the Database, Spreadsheet or Word Processor and select ‘About Microsoft Works’ from the ‘About’ menu. Left-click on the copyright information box, then type”works 6 rules”. You’ll now be presented with an all-singing, all-dancing full-screen animation page with lots of cool goodies.

If you’re running Works 4.5 then try this one: open a new word processing document and type in “zzzz”. Highlight it then go to ‘Tools’ and ‘Spelling’ and check out Microsoft’s definition (this one also works in Word). That’s your lot for today. I’ll have some more treasures for you tomorrow.

Continue with the Easter egg hunt here.

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