The Last of Us Fans Beware: Season 2 Will Leave Out Key Storylines from Part 2

Abby and Ellie will have more than one season to get to know each other

The Last of Us Fans Beware: Season 2 Will Leave Out Key Storylines from Part 2
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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The first season of The Last of Us on HBO Max has come to an end and has shown that, as much as the audiovisual industry has been trying unsuccessfully for decades to adapt video games to movies and series, a good adaptation is possible.


Undoubtedly, the series has been a great surprise for both fans and those unfamiliar with The Last of Us universe. The story of Joel and Ellie has touched the hearts of everyone thanks to the perfect complicity between Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. But what will happen in the second season?

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The Last of Us will have 3 seasons or more

Since The Last of Us began, series creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann already warned that they would also adapt Part 2 if HBO Max gave it the green light. So it happened, so they warned that the first season would only adapt the first game, and in a future second season would come the second.

Now, however, they have confirmed that this will not be the case at all. The second season of The Last of Us, which HBO is already starting to prepare, will not adapt all of The Last of Us Part II. Instead, it will come in more than one season, so at least we will see, if all goes well, three batches of episodes of the fiction.

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It has been in an interview for GQ where Mazin and Druckmann have explained it. When asked if Season 2 will cover the entire second part, Druckmann has been blunt: “No, no way. It will be more than one season”.

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Without a doubt, all the twists and turns and plot developments in the second game are worth telling at leisure. That’s why fitting everything into more than one season makes perfect sense. In addition, there may be surprises. This was explained in the interview by its creators:

“I think we know where we’re going in this case. I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way, I mean that in an optimistic way. There will be some things that will be different and some things that will be identical [to the game]. Some are going to contribute and enrich, others will be changed. The goal is exactly the same as the first season, to deliver a series that makes the fans happy.”

Juan Carlos Saloz

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