The Last of Us and Stranger Things: all the references between the series

The Last of Us and Stranger Things: all the references between the series
Nacho Requena Molina

Nacho Requena Molina

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Now that The Last of Us is on everyone’s lips thanks to the HBO series, which has premiered with an authentic hit among critics (and a good reception from the public), it is still curious how another series with a lot of history has also crept into its comparisons: Stranger Things.

Yes, the Netflix fiction has become one of the most searched for today, just when The Last of Us has been premiered. Why has this happened? Are there really similarities or references? We will tell you all in this article.

Sarah is the catalyst

At this point we consider that it is not a spoiler; However, if you haven’t played The Last of Us or watched the first season of Stranger Things, read no further. Both Joel, the game’s protagonist, and Hopper, the intrepid county sheriff, have a daughter named Sara… and they both lose her in their arms.

It is true that the situation is not the same, since the ways of dying are different (Sara dies from a shot by a soldier believing that she is infected in TLOU, and Sara from Stranger Things dies from cancer), but both are teenagers and mark the character of their parents in the future.

The clickers, an inspiration?

This point has never been confirmed, but that many of the enemies in Stranger Things resemble the clickers from The Last of Us is a reality.

It doesn’t take a genius to notice these similarities: erratic walking, they are able to navigate by sound, their face is deformed and opens to catch their victim, etc. From the Netflix production they have never confirmed if they took TLOU as inspiration, but knowing that they are avid players in the series team … perhaps it is not so outlandish.

Eleven and Ellie are special teenagers

So much “Eleven” (or Eleven) as Ellie are very special teenagers. Both stand out for being the ones that call the shots in their different fictions, either because the first has powers, or because the second is immune to Cordyceps, that fungus that has created the pandemic in the game.

In addition to this, there is another curiosity, which is none other than Eleven losing her father very young, just like Ellie. Both find their adoptive parents in Hopper and Joel, that is, those people who end up winning their hearts. Again another coincidence.

What similarity do you get between the Netflix series and the Naughty Dog video game? Shoot, we read you.

Nacho Requena Molina

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