The latest change to WhatsApp that may discourage users from writing messages

Every few days, it seems that WhatsApp introduces a new update to surprise us and make our lives easier – the latest is certainly no exception.

Some users who are currently trying out the 2.16.5 version for Android, may have already spotted a great new feature, that for sure will be launched on other versions shortly. This new feature concerns your photos and your friends.

The first thing users will notice is the introduction of a new element on the photograph interface: a filmstrip that allows you to select one of your existing images if you so wish to send one. It also includes a small editor that allows you to easily crop or rotate the images to how you want them to appear on the receiver’s device. Although these features are not revolutionary – in the sense that they are available by default on your device’s Gallery – it makes your lives much easier if you need to make quick edits!

But the good news doesn’t end there, take a look at the screenshots below:

As you can see, the quality of images sent by WhatsApp has changed dramatically. In addition, the selection of images is now much more efficient – meaning you can exchange photos much faster than you were able to before.

So what  do you think of this news?  Now that image sharing is so much easier, will you perhaps lean toward this form of communication instead of writing actual text? Only time will tell!

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