The most Machiavellian (and imaginative) creations of 'Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom' of the players

The most Machiavellian (and imaginative) player creations of 'Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom'.

The most Machiavellian (and imaginative) creations of 'Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom' of the players
Randy Meeks

Randy Meeks

Surely Nintendo expected that with the building elements that Link now has in ‘Tears of the Kingdom‘ players were going to build motorboats, carriages or, being very skilled, some other mechanism to carry the Koroks from here to there. Instead, what you’ve gotten is a series of elements that could potentially wipe out all of Hyrule in a couple of minutes. Link has become a bigger threat than Ganondorf thanks to the players.


Boomerang and bow? I have a better idea

Let’s take as an example this killing machine formed by a vertical stone, two wheels and eight lasers that are able to kill any creature just by activating it. What did they say your pod…? Nothing, it doesn’t matter.

My personal favorite may be this contraption that brings together ten planes with activated bomb launchers to practice the Americans’ favorite risky sport: bombing other countries. Or, in this case, enemies that stand in the way of freedom (of Hyrule, that is).


Ganondorf may be the Demon King but im the King of Demons 🦅🦅🦅 #totk #zelda #link #ganondorf #America #b2 #stealthbomber #oil #switch

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And to lower the warrior mood a little, players have also made small amusement parks, because not everything is going to be mercilessly killing koroks and annihilating enemies. Link also needs a holiday from time to time.

And sure, it’s one thing to create amusement parks and weapons of mass destruction and another to be able to stick your arm out the window and hope you get a tan in the Hyrule sun while playing your favorite country station. When is the Link trucker spin-off coming?

And, of course, we have to comment on the players’ number one hobby: killing as many Koroks as they can (or, like this one, sending them into space with a couple of arrows).

The game has been in stores for a couple of weeks now and everything seems to indicate that there is still a lot to discover as the public experiments, runs, rides, destroys and uses all of Hyrule to their advantage. May the imagination never stop! The killing of koroks yes, please, poor things.

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