The most vulgar software in the world

Act like a naughty schoolboy on your PCHaving just become addicted to Zed Pig Blaster, a game where you guide a pig through the air through the power of flatulence, my appetite (if you can call it that) for toilet humour has returned with a vengeance. If you too still get amused by rude noises and putrid imagery then get a whiff of some of Softonic’s most disgusting downloads.

Wind is always guaranteed to get a laugh and there are a couple of programs that excel at reproducing this effect on your PC (only audibly, thankfully). Based on an invention in one of the Wallace and Gromit movies, FartMatic will give you hours of pleasure producing fart noises from your desktop. If you prefer the sound of gas coming from the mouth then Random Burper is for you. Install the program on a colleague’s machine and chuckle as their PC lets out a belch every minute, leaving your pal to take the blame.

Translator Fun Voices takes things a stage further by allowing you to transform your voice into a rude noise. The app allows you to apply random body noises and also includes a burpulator. Still not crude enough for you? Then install FaceOnBody, which lets you create unsavoury images by super-imposing people’s heads onto a series of gross backgrounds. Urgh.

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