The new Android features you can’t wait to see!

The new Android features you can’t wait to see!

It goes without saying now that whenever a new version of Android is about to be introduced, the rumors grow like wildfire, and eventually, we just have no idea who to believe. It’s certainly no different this time round, with the launch of Android N just around the corner, the amount of theories and “leaks” circulating theinternet, is far too much to chew.

In this case, the leak is a bit more credible – so, thanks for that, Google. The internet giant recently released a version of Android N for developers, clearly not anticipating that maybe – just maybe – one of them may open their mouths and tell sone of their friends. You’ve got to love them.

We’re pleased to tell you that the first feature you’ll notice on Android N is the introduction of split-screen multitasking, something we’ve already seen on Samsung and various other devices. It’s great for those who own larger devices – not so great for those of you on much smaller models.

We can also see a change to the notifications bar: now the quick-settings have been reduced to a single bar so we gain more clean space and the notifications themselves have been simplified in design.

There are also changes in the battery – “Doze” is now activated when the screen turns off, which allows it to save a lot more energy!

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