The new iPhone camera could be the best we’ve seen yet

We have to admit – we love speculation. And, as the folk at Apple are always so damn secretive about their products before they hit the shelves, there’s very little else we can do.

A leaked photo has recently surfaced in Taiwan indicating that the new iPhone 7 Plus could be equipped with a dual camera – something which could revolutionize smartphone cameras in the future – but why?

The two lenses within this feature will each have different uses. One will shoot a 12-megapixel focal length photo while the other will be able to shoot 12-megapixel “telephotos” with a three-times zoom option.

It’s common knowledge that Apple recently purchased LinX – a start-up founded in Israel which specializes in gathering camera-depth information. This would mean that photos can be edited in a way – for example removing certain objects from the image using depth recognition, as well as being able to scan real objects and create virtual representations on screen. Coincidence? We’ll let you be the judge!

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