The new Puma Phone: the oddest mobile ever made?

Why a company that normally makes running shoes would decide to produce a mobile phone is anyone’s guess. We just received the tech sheet for the new Puma Phone and it’s clear the German sportswear giant has some fairly odd ideas about mobile technology. The specs talk of features such as an on-demand digital cat called Dylan, a sarcastic calculator, and a scratching turntable. Quite what all this means is anyone’s guess. Perhaps Puma decided to cut corners by getting a bunch of footballers to design its phone, rather than call in professional engineers. After all, the company admits in the tech sheet that it doesn’t even know what the on-board AGPS does!

Other interesting looking features of the sporty phone include a GPS run and cycle tracker, yachting compass, video chat and a full touch screen proprietary user interface. Oh, yeah and it’s solar powered. Of course, it could be that the spec sheet is just an off-the-wall marketing stunt by Puma, but either way it’s got us excited about its launch in April.

Puma Phone

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