The only game that can face up to Pokemon Go is coming soon

Everything seems to point to Pokemon Go being the next great Nintendo game title that nothing can challenge, right? That’s not quite true. On Friday the 6th of November 2015, North America witnessed the launch by Nintendo of the first game of a franchise that has sold over 2 billion dollars’ worth of games, toys, and much more.

This series is called Yo-kai Watch. The aim is to capture ghostly creatures. Does this mission sound familiar? The franchise by Level-5 has been a huge hit in Japan; there’s anime, films, dances, and toys that sell out in moments.

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So you get the idea, the two first Yo-Kai Watch games have sold a combined 8 million copies. A video games analyst called Sartori Bernbeck believes that the saga can generate hundreds of millions of dollars in the United States alone. Imagine what will happen when it gets to Europe in 2016!

(You can’t watch the video? Click here to enjoy it from Youtube)

Until now, whenever Nintendo has had problems, it was the Pokemon franchise that has got it out of trouble. Will this be its successor?

Source: Wall Street Journal

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