The Originals season five: Klaus, Elijah, Freya, Marcel… Who’s going to die?

Season five started on a tragic note, and the next few episodes promise to be just as gut-wrenching. Who among Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah and the other characters will die?

The writers of “The Originals” broke fans’ hearts. As you’ll recall, Hayley died tragically and heroically in episode six of season five. Nobody was expecting her death, which shocked fans and even the cast.

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The episodes that followed were just as tragic, as we witnessed her funeral and the realization of Elijah, who regained his memory. The eighth episode in season five of “The Originals” ended with two broken men: Klaus and Elijah. We thought we might have a little respite in the next episodes of the series, but that won’t be the case. Julie Plec has teased that there are many more deaths to come… Suffice to say that our worst fears have come true, so who will be the next to die on “The Originals”?

On her Twitter account, Julie Plec shared a morbid message about the rest of season five:

Not very comforting words… So, who’s going to die? No member of the Mikaelson family is safe, and they can all potentially be killed off except Hope, since the spin-off “Legacies” will focus on her. In fact, the series could end with the demise of the immortal family.

We fear the worst for Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, Kol, and Freya but also Marcel. At least one, if not several of them will die.

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